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Explode Your Medicare with

High-Converting QUIZ Funnels

Let “The Crew” who are examples of several different backgrounds, incomes, and cultural differences, created help you understand which coverage will fit your needs.

Meet "The Crew"

What you will learn from “The Crew” in your Free ebook,  Medicare Personalities, An Easy Start To Understanding, Enrolling, And Using Medicare

Most, if not all, of The Crew represented in Medicare Personalities are people like us that are Medicare customers. 

Our intent for writing this book is to create a relational experience that will be fun, educational, and directional in its ability to help people through the decision making process, to navigate through the Medicare system and it’s options.

We hope that in our efforts that you will find answers to questions, experienced professional direction, confidence in starting your decision making journey, and an ongoing resource to continually manage your decision.

It is always a good idea to engage an independent broker to help with your final decisions each year.

Here is what the book will cover:

  • What is Medicare?
  • Introduction
  • Meet The Crew
  • Why was working with a broker important to The Crew?
  • How did they qualify for Medicare?
  • How did The Crew choose their coverages?
  • What are the options of plans available to them?
  • How much did it cost them?
  • When should The Crew enroll?
  • Plan quality and performance
  • How to get the most out of Medicare
  • Quick Reference guide
  • About the Author

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